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Education to prepare for Labor and Birth

The below videos will give you general information about labor, birth, comfort measures to help support a vaginal birth, medical options for labor and birth, and cesarean birth. They will help you and your support person better understand how labor works, and what you can do to make it a more comfortable experience on your special day. These videos do not take the place of taking a childbirth education series. Please visit classes website to get a full list of class options. Our classes and support groups are offered virtually by Teams and led by a Beaumont staff member. Learn more about our childbirth and parenting education classes to help you choose which class is best for you.

It is important to create a birth plan during pregnancy and discuss your labor and birth options with your OB provider. With your OB provider you will develop the best possible plan and begin the process of shared decision making. Shared decision making is important as: It can create a new relationship between individuals and professionals based on partnership. People want to be more involved than they currently are in making decisions about their own health and health care.

Some of your decisions before and during childbirth may affect your risk of cesarean. These decisions are best made in collaboration with your provider during your prenatal visits, well in advance of labor beginning. Here are some common decision points:  

  • Whether to wait for labor to begin on its own (induction of labor may increase your risk of cesarean) 
  • Whether to be admitted to the hospital in early labor or to wait until active labor (being admitted in active labor improves your chances of having a vaginal birth) 
  • How to monitor your baby’s heart rate during labor (low-risk women who are continuously monitored may be more likely to have a cesarean) 
  • Whether to have continuous labor support by a trained caregiver like a doula (continuous labor support improves your chance of having a vaginal birth) 
  • How to help manage labor pain and labor progress 
  • How to stay hydrated and maintain strength during labor 
  • Whether to remain mobile and upright during labor 
  • How to push around the time of birth 
  • What practices to engage in shortly after your baby is born and before you go home 

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