NICU Developmental Assessment Clinic

The NICU Developmental Assessment Clinic (DAC) provides developmental assessment services to premature and other infants that are considered to be at risk for delays in early childhood, including developmental skills, learning ability, and growth. At the time of discharge, parents may be given a follow-up appointment at the DAC, where the infant will be seen by at team consisting of an Oakwood neonatologist, a NICU nurse, a pediatric physical therapist, and a speech and language pathologist who. The team will make recommendations to the infant’s primary care physician regarding any recommendation for services. 

What is the Developmental Assessment Clinic? 
The Developmental Assessment Clinic (DAC) is a multidisciplinary clinic which assesses the growth and development of infants and children. 

Who is a candidate for the DAC? 
Infants or children (up to age 2) who are at risk for developmental delay (such as NICU graduates) or who have evidence of a possible developmental delay are eligible for an evaluation at the DAC. Referrals come from neonatologists, physicians and parents.

What should I bring to the DAC? 
Please bring your child's immunization record and the questionnaire which you will receive in the mail prior to the appointment. Please write down and bring any questions or concerns that you may have as to your child's development. 

Who will my child see in the DAC?

A neonatologist will examine and assess your child's overall growth and development.

A nurse will record the medical history, chart growth, and note any parental concerns.

An occupational and/or physical therapist will assess muscle tone, movement patterns, reflexes and developmental motor skills.

A speech therapist will evaluate speech and language development and offer suggestions to promote these skills.

A social worker is available.

How will I receive the results of the assessment?
You, as a parent, will be present during the assessment. You will be given an immediate verbal report of the results regarding your child's progress. Suggestions for things to do at home to enhance your child's development and information as to future development will be given. A written report of the DAC assessment will be sent to you and your child's physician. 

How often will my child be seen in the DAC?
This will vary with each infant and child. Usually, they will be seen at 4, 8, 12, 18 and 24 months of age. Their age is adjusted for prematurity until age 2 years. If necessary, the child will be referred for hearing evaluations or occupational, physical or speech therapy. 

Where is the DAC located? 
The DAC is located at the Beaumont Family Center inside the Center for Exceptional Families. 

What are the clinic office hours?
The clinic is held Wednesdays mornings from 9 a.m. - noon. You must have an appointment to be seen. A letter reminding you of the appointment and a questionnaire will be sent to you prior to the appointment. If the scheduled time is inconvenient, please reschedule by calling the DAC secretary. 

For more information or schedule an appointment with the DAC call 313-593-7135