A comprehensive, medically supervised weight program with proven success located in Novi, MI

Our solid educational component, structured meal plan, and strong ongoing support program allow you to effectively lose weight and learn to keep it off for the long run. If you are ready to lose weight in order to improve your health, to reduce your disease risk, or to look and feel better, ReNew is for you.

ReNew gives you the tools and skills to take back your life and feel great! Contact us today to get started.  


  • Average weight loss is 16% in the first 24 weeks. Typically between 1 - 4 pounds per week, depending upon individual circumstances.
  • Hunger is under control.
  • Development of habits, skills and strategies to support long-term, healthy weight management.
  • Many clients experience significant health improvements, including:  better control of diabetes and blood pressure, improvements in cholesterol levels, reduction of medications, improved mobility and enhanced self-esteem.

Our 24 week Foundation program includes:

  • Weekly, 90 minute, small group classes led by registered dietitians in a comfortable, supportive environment. The meal plan and curriculum are based on sound scientific research.
  • Medical monitoring
  • Our meal plan includes meal replacements, plus fruits and vegetables for safe, rapid and effective weight loss.
  • The Health One meal replacements are tasty and versatile. They come in 4 flavors and can be easily made into shakes, muffins, soups and more - recipes and demos are included.
  • We provide plenty of practical ideas to incorporate healthful foods and physical activity into all aspects of your life.  As an example, check out these tips for shopping at your local farmer’s market.


Support is provided in our Stride Classes:

  • After you have completed our Foundation class, our goal is permanent lifestyle change, leading to lasting weight maintenance.
  • Learn to expand your food selections, assistance with individualized meal planning is provided.
  • Emphasis on reinforcing newly acquired healthy habits.