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The Speech and Language Pathology Department is widely recognized for its excellent programs dealing with adult communication disorders resulting from a brain injury, voice problems, swallowing disorders or oral motor dysfunction.  

Services may begin while a person is in one of the three Beaumont hospitals or begin as an outpatient at various locations. A comprehensive evaluation will be completed, results discussed and a treatment program developed by a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist.  

Specialized treatment materials and individualized home programs help the person achieve their communication goals.

Conditions we treat

  • brain trauma (stroke, brain tumor, disease, traumatic incident, critical illness myopathy, etc)
  • motor speech disorders (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Bell’s palsy, etc)
  • dementia (Alzheimer’s, vascular, primary progressive aphasia, frontal-temporal, etc)
  • swallowing disorders (dysphagia)
  • trismus
  • laryngectomy (head and neck cancer)
  • stuttering
  • voice and laryngeal disorders (spasmodic dysphonia, vocal nodules, etc)
  • speech and resonance disorders
  • augmentative and alternative communication
  • accent reduction program


Coverage from most major insurance companies is accepted, but coverage for treatment depends on the individual insurance benefits.  Scholarship funding may be available.


A physician referral is required to initiate treatment.  Once the referral is received by our offices, the individual will be scheduled for an evaluation in a timely manner.

Individuals may also benefit from occupational therapy, physical therapy, recreational therapy or social work.