Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Several private practice medical oncologists support Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn's Center for Cancer Care.

These physicians are the "directors and managers" of the cancer patients' medical needs as they relate to systemic cancer therapies. These therapies include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, management of treatment side effects, and management of cancer complications such as pain, malnutrition, and others. The medical oncologists actively support the multidisciplinary approach to cancer care by attending and contributing to Beaumont's seven tumor boards.

Medical oncology services are offered at the Beaumont, Dearborn Center for Cancer Care and the Charlotte A. Woody Cancer Treatment Center. Services offered include chemotherapy, infusion therapy, blood transfusions, phlebotomies, antibiotic administration and several other non-emergent cancer related services. The nurses in the center are specially trained in oncology and in the administration of chemotherapy. In addition to the Center for Cancer Care, many of the medical oncologists offer cancer treatment services in their private offices.

Inpatient Cancer Unit
The 27 bed Inpatient Cancer Unit located at Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn is dedicated to the care of medical cancer patients and is the primary focus of inpatient cancer care for Beaumont Healthcare System. The community hospitals provide standard cancer care to the population of cancer care patients on their medical nursing units.

Registered nurses, nurse assistants and ward secretaries staff the Inpatient Cancer Unit. The registered nurses across the system have been trained through a standard chemotherapy certification course to deliver treatment safely to patients. The chemotherapy certification validates the nurse’s knowledge of the pharmacology of the drug and the potentially dangerous side effects that can occur. In addition to the chemotherapy certification, many of the registered nurses have received certification by their professional organization, the Oncology Nursing Society and have received specialty training in the care of bone marrow transplant patients.

Charlotte A. Woody Cancer Treatment Center
The Charlotte A. Woody Cancer Treatment Center (CTC) is located at Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn. The 4,500+ square foot facility provides chemotherapy, blood transfusions, injections and other infusion therapies.

In addition to chemotherapy (both intravenous and intra-cavity) and blood transfusions, the CTC staff administers colony stimulating factors, central venous access irrigation and declotting, long term IV antibiotic therapy, diagnostic and therapeutic phlebotomy services and other outpatient treatment services.

The highly trained CTC staff consists of chemotherapy certified Registered Nurses. This staff has experience in both the exceedingly technical aspects of cancer treatment and the educational and supportive needs of the individual experiencing cancer.

Key to the patient satisfaction is easy access. For eligible patients with special needs on active chemotherapy, free van service can be offered to assure compliance to treatment protocols. In addition, free parking is available on the first floor of the parking garage located next to the CTC for patients who require frequent visits.

The CTC is designed with the capability to provide many expanded services beyond those currently provided. Some of these opportunities include, expanded hours and expansion of ambulatory services outside the oncology field of medicine, which require nursing monitoring and care, but do not require an emergency room visit.

The Inpatient Cancer Unit and the medical units of the community hospitals have been a frequent admission site for hospice patients. Through partnerships with local hospice organizations, inpatient hospice care is delivered. The nursing teams of the inpatient unit and the hospice work together to provide comfort and support to patients and families at the end of life.