Staying connected with your loved ones at Beaumont

Stay Connected with Your Loved One

We understand this is a very difficult time for all and want you to be as connected and informed as possible since you cannot visit your loved one at this time. Below are a few ways to communicate with your loved one and their health care team:


Ways to Connect with Your Loved One

  • Call on the in-room, hospital phone.
  • Leave a personal cell phone, tablet or laptop for audio/video calls or texting. Don’t forget to leave a charger for all electronic devices with your loved one. Any items brought to the patient should be cleaned and placed in a clean bag labeled with the patient’s name and room number.
  • If your loved one has been issued a Beaumont-owned electronic device (i.e., iPad or tablet), you may speak with them via the 8x8 Video Meetings app. To reach your loved one, please follow the instructions below:

Ways to Connect with a Doctor or Nurse

  • To help coordinate communication, please choose one person to be your family spokesperson when calling your loved one’s doctor/nurse.
  • Ask the doctor and nurse to set up a schedule to receive daily updates and participate in medical decisions.
  • Ask if there is an opportunity to connect using an iPad or tablet while the health care team member is at the bedside with your loved one so you may communicate together.

Visiting Information

Effective until further notice, please note our new Visitation Policy.


Keeping You Safe

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Coronavirus Resources

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