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Beaumont is leading the way through the pandemic, caring for more COVID-19 patients in Michigan than any other health system. Now we're leading the way out, with the expertise and experience to keep our patients, families and staff safe.

Will I be safe if I need care?

You are safe coming to Beaumont for care. Beaumont is still the safe and clean health system with the same compassionate people and high-quality services and care you have always relied upon.

Our doctors and caregivers have created a safe and secure environment where COVID-19 patients are treated in separate areas and great care is taken to prevent the spread of infection. We are highly trained in how to protect our patients, families and each other when caring for patients.


We're Here For You

Don’t delay your medical needs or ignore symptoms that you would typically visit an emergency center or call your doctor about. As always, early detection and treatment improves our ability to provide the most comprehensive and effective care for you.

You can trust Beaumont for all your health care needs.


Keeping You Safe

Preparing for Your Visit

In accordance with the governor’s current orders, we have updated our visitation information to support on-site family presence and participation in care planning discussions. While we expect to care for COVID-19 patients in designated areas of our hospitals for some time, we’ve taken extra steps to provide you the health care services you need in a safe environment. In this new reality, you’ll notice some changes in how we provide care.


  • Patients, visitors and employees are screened for COVID-19 symptoms at the door and given a face mask.
  • Contact with our team members is limited during your visit.
  • Appointments are staggered to minimize the number of people in an area, and chairs in public spaces are spaced to allow for social distancing.
  • Non-COVID-19 patients are treated in separate areas.
  • We continue to regularly clean and disinfect all our sites.

Along with the high quality, expert care you’ve come to expect from Beaumont, you can continue to expect a clean, safe environment and an experienced team ready to serve you. Your health and safety are always our top priority.


Frontline COVID-19 staff screening visitors at Beaumont

Upon Your Arrival

All patients, visitors and employees are being screened by questionnaire for COVID-19 symptoms, including fever, upon entrance to all Beaumont Health facilities. Everyone will be required to wear a face mask, regardless of whether they have COVID-19 symptoms, and we ask that you remove personal gloves and use the hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility. Cloth masks are acceptable, and we will provide masks if you do not have your own.

Frontline COVID-19 cleaning crew at Beaumont, Royal Oak hospital


All patient care areas are regularly and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Our hospitals have designated areas for non-COVID-19 patients, separate from COVID-19 inpatient units.

Visitors social distancing in Beaumont waiting room

Social Distancing

Social distancing, also called physical distancing, means keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home, and it includes staying at least 6 feet (2 meters) from other people, not gathering in groups, and staying out of crowded places and avoiding mass gatherings.

Seating in many public areas and waiting rooms will have additional spacing to allow for social distancing.

The CDC does not recommend using one-way valves or vented masks as they do not prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Anyone wearing these types of masks into a Beaumont facility will be asked to cover them with a standard ear-loop mask.

Protecting You and Our Staff

Frontline COVID-19 medical staff wearing face masks at Beaumont, Royal Oak hospital

Evolving Policies and Procedures

Our medical team has received extensive training regarding proper COVID-19 precautions and are provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including masks, face shields and gowns. We regularly monitor the latest guidance from the CDC and evolve our policies and procedures to protect our team and serve you.

Frontline COVID-19 medical staff wearing face shield and face mask at Beaumont, Royal Oak hospital

Experience That Keeps You Safe

Beaumont has cared for more COVID-19 patients than any other health system in Michigan. We have the experience and resources to protect the safety of physicians, staff and patients.



Our Health Care Heroes

Join us in celebrating and honoring our #healthcareheroes.


Getting Care Now

The Governor’s Executive Order allows for physicians to use their clinical discretion to move forward with time-sensitive procedures and tests. Here’s how you can access care with Beaumont’s trusted network.

1 in 3 people put off medical care because of COVID-19.
A Michigan man delayed going to the ER because of COVID-19 and nearly lost his life.
  • If your surgery, medical procedure or exam was delayed due to COVID-19, contact your doctor to reschedule. Appointments are available now. Your surgery could be rescheduled sooner than you might expect.
  • Surgical patients will be screened for symptoms via phone prior to surgery. If admission is required, non-COVID-19 patients will be admitted to a room on a unit away from COVID-19 patients.

Find a Doctor

Imaging appointments are being spaced throughout the day to limit patient overlap.

Schedule an Appointment

Please contact your doctor to make an appointment for your medical needs. If you do not have a Beaumont doctor, our online Find a Doctor tool and Physician Referral Service will help you find one. Customize your search on dozens of qualities to find the right fit.

Find a Doctor

Our emergency centers are open, clean, safe and ready to serve patients who need care for illnesses or injuries unrelated to COVID-19. Do not delay seeking emergency care.

Find an Emergency Center
  • Most Beaumont Urgent Care locations are open and ready to serve you. Each offers a safe, clean environment.
  • Virtual urgent care visits with Beaumont providers are available.

Find an Urgent Care

Our birthing centers are open. It is safe to deliver your baby at a Beaumont hospital.

Find a Birthing Center
  • Video doctor appointments are a convenient and secure way to help you receive care when you need it. Speak to a Beaumont doctor using a smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Many of our doctors are offering video appointments for new and existing patients.

Learn More

Hours of operation may vary. For walk-in services, please call in advance.

Leading the Way Forward

Beaumont phlebotomist draws blood as part of the COVID-19 serological testing research study

Our team of experts launched a research study that will help the entire nation, and the world, better understand COVID-19. The study has attracted national attention and aims to unlock many of the mysteries surrounding the spread and treatment for COVID-19.


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