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Understanding the Hospital Routine

Understanding the Hosptial Routine

Family presence

Life is far from routine when you are in the hospital, but there are some regular practices you can expect that may help you adjust to the hospital routine.

We know that your family and friends are an important part of your healing and we welcome them to spend time with you. For your comfort, we have a cafeteria, family lounges and a chapel. If you would like a family member to stay with you overnight or during certain procedures, please discuss this with your nurse.

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Why is it important for you to be a partner in your own care?

Partnering with your care team establishes trust, effective communication and improves your health and experiences by creating a care plan that works for you.

Medical rounds

Medical Rounds are a time when members of your health care team talk with you about your health, test results and treatment plan. Your role is to listen to what the team is saying, ask questions about medications, treatments or therapies, share your thoughts or concerns and take part in the care planning and decision making. Also, if incorrect information is stated, always make the correction.

Bedside shift report

At the end of each nursing shift, your outgoing nurse will share information about your health status, plan of care and daily goals with you and your incoming nurse. We encourage you and your family to take part in this information sharing by asking questions, raising concerns and sharing health goals.

Meal service

Meals are served via Room Service upon your request. Family and friends may also
order a meal; however, a guest charge will be added to your final patient bill. Keep in mind that meals typically arrive within 45 minutes of ordering, so remember to work around your treatment and therapy schedules. If you prefer a meal to meet religious or cultural preferences, please let us know. Our Nutrition Services team will do all they can to meet your meal choices. If you need help choosing food, please ask your nurse. If you don’t order a meal, we will send a food tray that meets your nutritional needs.

Spiritual care

Spirituality and faith can be important to health and healing. Hospital chaplains are knowledgeable of many faiths and can support your religious and spiritual practices as well as help you cope during medical crises.

Personal belongings

Having things that remind you of home may help make your stay in the hospital a little bit brighter. However, as a patient, you will often be away from your bedside for tests and procedures and it is not always possible to take your belongings with you. Therefore, please leave valuables, such as jewelry, money, credit cards and electronics at home. If this is not possible, please ask your nurse to have these items stored for you. Also, ask your nurse for a special container to hold your eyeglasses, dentures or hearing aids.