Beaumont opens new Sleep Evaluation Services center in Southfield
1/4/2018 8:55:32 PM
To help area residents improve their quality of sleep, Beaumont has opened a new sleep evaluation facility in Southfield.

Beaumont opens new Sleep Evaluation Services center in Southfield

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Beaumont opens new Sleep Evaluation Services center in Southfield

Thursday, January 04, 2018

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Large sleep program provides services for all ages - including infants, children

Between 50 and 70 million Americans struggle with chronic sleep disorders. Getting a good night’s sleep is important for our physical and mental well-being. Beaumont sleep experts agree that poor quality sleep or a lack of sleep, can lead to many health concerns among children and adults, including obesity, high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

To help area residents improve their health and well-being with quality sleep, Beaumont Health has opened a new, expanded Sleep Evaluation Services center in Southfield. Sleep specialists will evaluate patients with any concerns related to sleep or alertness such as sleep apnea, insomnia, circadian disorders and excessive sleepiness. A comprehensive, individualized program will be developed for each patient. Depending on their needs, visits may include risk assessments, diagnostic testing for sleep disorders – laboratory sleep studies or home sleep studies, treatments, support and ongoing education.

Beaumont Sleep Evaluation Services, Southfield at 16310 W. Twelve Mile Road is a 16-bed outpatient facility. It can accommodate patients of all ages, including infants and children. The new, 11,556-square-foot facility offers a team of sleep experts that include board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners for adults and children. Patients will interact with board-registered polysomnographic technologists who are trained in both overnight and home sleep testing.

“Our clinic offers technology and equipment designed to provide the gold standard in pediatric and adult sleep disorder evaluations,” said Nader Mina, M.D., medical director of Beaumont Sleep Evaluation Services, Southfield. “In terms of scope of services and size, we believe this new facility to be one of the largest in Southeast Michigan.“

Because of increased patient volumes and expansion of the pediatric sleep program, Sleep Evaluation Services outgrew their 7,000-square-foot, 10-bed Berkley facility and relocated to Southfield in late December.

“Our specialized facility can accommodate infants and children with common sleep disorders, as well as complex and chronic health conditions, like a child with cerebral palsy on a ventilator,” explained Gary Trock, M.D., pediatric sleep director. “The new center has six pediatric beds with three suites dedicated to infants with adjoining rooms for family members.”

Sleep studies done at the center provide the medical team with important information about their patients. A sleep study is a comprehensive, safe and painless procedure for measuring brain activity, eye and body movements, heart rate, pulse, blood oxygen levels, snoring, breathing and airflow. To participate in a sleep study, patients need a physician referral and/or a prescription from their doctor. Participants typically arrive at the facility in the evening to spend one night in a private room with a television, private bath and shower. In the morning, patients usually go home, to school, or work. For those patients who work afternoon/evening shifts or have different day/night sleep cycles, accommodations can be made in scheduling.

The new center also offers day studies. Waiting family, friends and children can spend time in the day room. This space includes a family lounge and an area for children’s activities. It also includes a pantry with beverages and snacks.

Added Dr. Mina, “Our new facility will support sleep clinic visits; a continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, compliance program to treat sleep apnea; pediatric family-friendly sleep rooms; and much more.”

Along with the Southfield facility, Beaumont’s Sleep Evaluation Services also has locations in Macomb and St. Clair Shores. Beaumont also has two Sleep Apnea Centers in Canton and Riverview. All five are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  For more information, call 888-71-SLEEP or visit