Community Health Needs Assessment

Compassionate, extraordinary care every day.

Addressing the health needs of the community.

In September 2014, three of southeast Michigan’s leading health systems — Beaumont, Botsford and Oakwood — joined together in unprecedented fashion to enhance and expand a shared commitment to delivering compassionate, extraordinary health care to millions of residents who call our region home.

Together as Beaumont Health, our dedication to building healthier lives and communities is stronger than ever.  Through leading health services, education and extensive community outreach, Beaumont strives daily to improve the overall health and wellbeing of our patients, their families and our neighbors.

In order to maximize these efforts and better align our resources, every three years we do a comprehensive community assessment to identify the unique health needs of the populations we serve.

The following publication is our 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment which thoroughly outlines the most pressing health concerns of the communities served by Beaumont Health, and our strategies to address them moving forward. Compiled from several months of research, this document offers an insightful and detailed analysis of our service areas using quantitative data and significant input from a diverse group of residents, health experts and organizations representing a broad cross-section of our region.

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A paper copy of a report may be obtained by contacting the Community Health & Outreach department at 947-522-1127.