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Robotic Spine Surgery with Mazor X

At Beaumont, our patients can expect to find the most innovative and minimally-invasive surgical technology available – and that includes Mazor X, a robotic surgical assurance platform for spine surgery. Beaumont is the one of the few health systems in Southeast Michigan to offer Mazor X.

This is surgical tool that may be used by the surgeon.  Depending on your specific information, this robotic tool may or may not be helpful. Benefits of Mazor X may include:

  • a customized surgical plan for each patient before entering the operating room
  • improved implant accuracy and safety in the placement of surgical instruments 
  • less time to complete the surgery and reduced length of stay following your procedure

How Mazor X Works

Before entering the operating room for each patient, our neurosurgeons map exactly how they want the surgery to be performed. When the surgeon is ready, Mazor X saves the information.

Once surgery begins, Mazor X helps recreate the same surgical approach that was planned ahead of time – similar to how a GPS system works in your car. With precise mapping and navigation, Mazor X helps the surgeon accurately and safely place instrumentation, which may be helpful in certain cases.

What Mazor X Can Be Used to Treat

Mazor X can be used to treat a wide array of spine problems, including:

  • spinal fractures
  • degenerative spine
  • spine deformity
  • spine fusion
  • spinal implants
  • tumors and more

If you have any questions about this technology or any other surgical option at Beaumont, be sure to talk with your surgeon.

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