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The future of back pain treatment is here at Beaumont.

spine surgery
The future of back pain treatment is here today at Beaumont: from switching off nerve-induced back pain like a light to spinal fusion and artificial disc replacement. Our comprehensive approach to pain includes the expertise of both orthopedic spine surgeons and neurosurgical spine surgeons who are skilled in the latest treatments. Many Beaumont spine surgeons are leaders in the field, conducting innovative research and clinical trials to expand the boundaries of spine surgery.

Thanks to advances in spinal surgery techniques and technology, many patients now return to their normal activities much more quickly than ever before.

Our spine specialists help you manage and treat chronic back pain and provide a full range of treatments. They help you choose the best approach for your unique situation after a thorough consultation.

Our program offers both comprehensive spine surgery and the latest non-surgical options for back pain.

Leading Spine Care Team and Advanced Surgical Options

Beaumont, Royal Oak is among the top-ranked hospitals in the country for orthopedics care and for neurology and neurosurgery, according to U.S. News and World Report. That excellence extends across our network.

Leading spine care team

Our team includes board-certified orthopedic spine surgeons and neurosurgical spine specialists, as well as rehabilitation professionals. Many Beaumont spine surgeons are leaders in their field. Their innovative research expands the boundaries of spine surgery, with the latest options always available to you.

Advanced surgical options

We offer the latest procedures, such as artificial disc replacement, an alternative to spinal fusion that reduces pain and maintains range of motion. We use minimally invasive techniques whenever possible, with a goal of getting you home sooner and back to the activities you enjoy.

Beaumont back pain specialists help determine the cause of your discomfort, then work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to provide relief.

Pain relief injections

We can administer injections such as nerve root blocking, which sends a steroid toward the spinal nerve causing your pain. We also offer other epidural steroid injections for pain relief.

Therapy and rehabilitation

Back pain specialists and doctors specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation can refer you to a physical therapist, aquatic therapist, exercise physiologist or posture specialist.

Surgical Options for Surgical Spinal Treatment

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