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The death of an infant is one of the most devastating experiences a family can have. On behalf of Beaumont Healthcare System we would like to express our condolences if you have experienced the loss of a child. We know this can be a very difficult time. Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions about fetal and infant death. We have also included services available to you through Beaumont Healthcare System.

When the death of an infant occurs through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal loss (perinatal death), often families are unprepared and thus are not clear about the choices they have as well as the decisions they will have to make.

Support Services available through Beaumont

Funeral Arrangements
Parents have the choice of how they lay their infant to rest. This decision can often be very difficult for families.

  • Private arrangements - Private arrangements can be made for any perinatal loss, regardless of gestational age or size. Nurses can assist you in finding a funeral director who will discuss your options. Often services for infants are less expensive than adults. Individual funeral homes will vary. Speaking with family and/or friends about funeral homes they have worked with may be helpful.
  • Infant Memorial Garden - This program offers a free memorialization option for parents who have experienced stillbirth, pregnancy loss or neonatal death. Infant remains are separately cremated and interred at Cadillac Memorial Gardens-West Cemetery on Ford Road in the city of Westland. Parents may also choose to place their babies name on the memorial plaque or choose a private option within the Garden for a small fee. Further, families have the opportunity within this option to change their decision over time if they find their needs change. Learn more about our Infant Memorial Garden »
Yearly Memorial Service - A “Moment to Remember” 
This service honors infants who have died during pregnancy or shortly after birth. Parents and families who have experienced the loss of an infant are welcome to attend. This service is generally held in October (National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month) of each year.


Yearly Memorial Planting
In the spring of each year parents will have the opportunity to come to a memorial planting to be held at the Beaumont Healthcare System’s Precious Garden at Cadillac Memorial Gardens-West.

Written and Telephone Grief Support and Follow-up
Phone calls, letters and sympathy cards are completed for each family by the Infant Bereavement Team during the year following a perinatal loss. Parents can call and request a stop to these services at any time.

Baptism or Blessing
Baptisms and blessings can be performed on any pregnancy loss and the decision to perform either rite occurs between the clergy or nurse and the parents.

Attempts are made to photograph all formed pregnancy losses with a digital camera. The pictures are offered to families or filed with mementos and are kept for one year.

Counseling and Support Referrals
Sometimes the experience of grief becomes overwhelming to parents/families. The Infant Bereavement Team can assist in finding individual therapy should this need be identified.

A Quiet Refuge |
Support for parents who have experienced a sudden loss of child or pregnancy

Baby Loss Home |
Support for parents who have experienced pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or neonatal death

National SHARE Office |
Addresses pregnancy loss and the different feelings of fathers and mothers after a child's death

Pregnancy & Newborn Loss Resources |
Educational information related to pregnancy and newborn loss.  Support for families who have experienced a perinatal loss