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Common Urologic Issues for Women (Ebook)


Bladder control problems (incontinence), non-menstrual pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction are three problems that affect many women:

  • 25-45 percent of women have some form of urinary incontinence in their lifetime (NIH)
  • 3-8 million women in the U.S. may have interstitial cystitis (ICA)
  • 43 percent of women experience sexual dysfunction (JAMA)

While these issues may be common, that doesn’t mean they’re normal, and they’re certainly not untreatable.

Our downloadable, free ebook, "The 4 ‘Unmentionables: Bladder Control, Bowel Control, Pelvic Pain and Sexual Dysfunction in Women," was designed to help women understand the common complaints women have, as well as the complexities of properly diagnosing and treating these conditions.

You'll also learn about Beaumont's Women's Urology Center and our innovative, integrative approach to diagnosing and treating women. We use a combination of specialists, depending on your symptoms:

  • urology
  • gynecology
  • naturopathy

  • psychology, sex therapy
  • pain management
  • rheumatology

Our team is comprised of medical doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nutritionists and physical therapists.