Transplant Quality and Outcomes

Patient survival rates for organ transplants at Beaumont consistently exceed national outcome metrics. This means that Beaumont transplant patients do remarkably well while under the care of our transplant team, whether it’s for liver or kidney transplant. In fact, Beaumont ranked #1 in the nation for patient survival at 1 year post kidney transplant according to the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients Program-Specific Report (June 2015).



Since Beaumont’s first kidney transplant in 1972, our specialists have performed more than 2,500 adult kidney transplants.

Consistently been placed in the 99th percentile for patient satisfaction by the Press Ganey national Transplant Specialty surveys

Recognized as a Center of Excellence for adult kidney transplant by OptumHealth.

Recognized as a Program of Excellence for adult liver and kidney transplant by Cigna LifeSOURCE.

Recognized as an Institute of Excellence by Aetna for adult kidney transplant.

Recognized as provider of choice for transplant services.

Beaumont is a TAP Transplant Approved Program for liver transplant through OptumHealth.

Beaumont’s Adult Kidney Transplant Program is recognized as a Center of Excellence by Interlink Transplant Network.

Average Time to Transplant




Beaumont continues to have the shortest time to adult kidney transplant in southeast Michigan (based on January 2022 SRTR data.)