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Who Can Visit -  People who are ill and children under a certain age should not visit the ICU. To keep from tiring the patient, limit visitors to 2 at a time and try to keep visits short. To prevent the spread of infection, wash your hands when entering and leaving the patient's room. You may also be asked to put on a gown, mask, or gloves depending on a patient's injury or illness. 

What to Bring -  Comforting things from home may make your loved one feel better. You should also bring a copy of the patient's medical history, a list of medications and any advance medical directive (i.e. living will).

What Not to Bring -  Space needs to be kept clear for caregivers and equipment so no plants or flowers. Also, due to potential latex allergies, no balloons are allowed in the ICU. It is also appreciated when you turn off cell phones and beepers, and always ask the nurse before bringing in electronic equipment. Diet in the ICU can be strict, so please don't give patients any food or drink (even water) unless you ask the nurse beforehand. It is also recommended to take any valuables, like jewelry, home for safekeeping.