Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

The Beaumont Multiple Sclerosis Clinic is led by board-certified neurologists who are committed to providing the highest level of diagnosis
and long-term care for individuals with MS.

We work closely with patients, their families and their primary care physicians to develop a treatment plan that helps the patient manage the condition effectively and lead an active, productive life.

The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis can be a challenging process as patients often experience unusual and worrisome symptoms that may be similar to the warning signs of other diseases. Initial symptoms can be mild, generalized and sporadic.

So far there is no definitive single laboratory test to confirm MS, thus a confirmed MS diagnosis requires a careful examination of medical history, a detailed neurological examination, MRI imaging and often a test of spinal fluid and a variety of blood tests to exclude the possibility of the neurological symptoms having other causes.

Treatment plans include

  • preventive medical therapies
  • abortive medical therapy in the case of a flare-up

Although medications are available to help with many symptoms, they may be only part of the answer. Often, rehabilitation strategies such as physical therapy and occupational therapy are very helpful in improving and maintaining normal function.

A coordinated, comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to MS diagnosis and care is best for the long term management of multiple sclerosis.