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Every day, advancements are being made in the field of heart surgery. Advanced technology is making surgery easier and safer, and recovery faster and less painful. Beaumont doctors are advancing the science of heart surgery with new and innovative techniques for minimally invasive procedures, leading edge technologies, and clinical trials that reduce recovery times and generally help make heart surgery less difficult for patients.

Open heart surgery used to be the only way to perform surgery on the heart, but with the help of technology, more and more conditions are being treated with minimally invasive heart procedures. Beaumont physicians were the first in the Midwest to complete several advanced heart procedures, and that spirit of innovation continues to thrive today. For example, Beaumont is a pioneer in less invasive techniques to perform valve replacement surgery. We were the first hospital in U.S. to replace an aortic valve with a catheter through a small incision in the leg.

Minimally invasive heart procedures performed by Beaumont heart team

Benefits of minimally invasive valve surgery

Beaumont's minimally invasive procedures result in quicker recovery and improved quality of life for patients.

  • The scars are smaller, and cosmetic results are superior.
  • It’s the least invasive approach to valve surgery.
  • There are fewer potential risks.
  • It promotes faster recovery so you can return to your everyday activities sooner.
  • The hospital stay is shorter.

Let Beaumont doctors help you manage and treat your heart condition

If you wonder what else can be done to manage your heart condition, seek a second opinion with a Beaumont cardiac surgeon or cardiologist. We offer minimally invasive surgical options for many patients who have been told they cannot have open heart surgery or valve replacement. Call today to make an appointment.