Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Managing your healthThere are many ways to participate in your care and Beaumont wants you and your family to be involved in every step of the way.

Recovering with Assistance

Recovering with Assistance Discuss with your care team how to maintain movement and certain activity during your hospital stay. Many patients benefit from doing brief range of motion exercises, sitting up in a chair and sometimes walking in the hallway. Remember to always ask your nurse for help if you plan to move.


To ensure effective communication with patients and their companions who are deaf, blind, hard-of-hearing or have limited English proficiency, we provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services free of charge, such as qualified sign language and oral interpreters, high definition video remote interpreting services, over the phone interpreting, note takers, written and translated materials, telephone handset amplifiers, assistive listening devices and systems, telephone compatible with hearing aids and televisions with captioning of most Beaumont facilities’ programs.


You will find a whiteboard on your hospital room wall with the purpose of keeping you informed about your care plan.

Health Records (Patient Portal)

With request, you may get printed copies of your health records. You and the people with whom you have given proxy access have secure access to your health record through Beaumont’s patient portal, myBeaumontChart, allowing you to:

  • view your medical information including immunizations, diagnoses, test results, treatment plans, medications and more
  • request appointments or medication refills and send private messages to your doctor
  • view insurance information and view and pay bills

Photography and Audio/Videography

Recording life milestones, instructions from your health care team and demonstrations on how to care for yourself can be helpful. Please remember to be respectful of the privacy of other patients and staff by first talking with your health care team before taking photos or taping events, conversations and procedures. Staff will do what they can to help you understand important information and support your wishes to record important life moments.

Advanced Care Planning

Advance directives are an important part of health care. By completing an advance directive, you are making your goals, values and treatment preferences known. 

Discharge Planning

Throughout your hospitalization, your care team will update information in your discharge folder. Ask questions to be sure that you understand what will be expected of you after discharge, including treatment plans, medication prescriptions, follow up appointments and any necessary medical equipment you may need. Be sure to ask the person who will be helping you after discharge to be present for discharge planning and education. Care managers are nurses and/or social workers who work with you and other care team members to manage your care while in the hospital and plan for a safe discharge from the hospital. Care managers consider your medical, emotional and financial needs, which helps them determine the types of services for which you are eligible. Services may include home care, private nursing care, supplies and equipment, rehabilitation, infusion therapies and hospice care. Care managers may also help you sort through health insurance coverage and arrange transportation as needed.

The Discharge Medication Program

Established to help you get your medication prescriptions before leaving the hospital. To participate, let your nurse know you want to have your discharge medication filled at the hospital pharmacy and be prepared to provide your prescription benefit information which is frequently different from your medical benefit card. Please note that you will be responsible for any copays, which will be the same as the copay you would pay at your local pharmacy.

Medical Bills

Your insurance benefits are based on the contract that you or your employer holds with your insurance carrier. Each year, you should receive a booklet giving you updated information about your health benefits. Many insurance plans require referrals and/or authorizations for covered services. If your plan requires a referral, your doctor must write the referral before the service is provided. If an authorization is required, Beaumont will obtain the authorization from your health plan before you get the service. If you are unsure if something will be covered or if you need a referral or authorization for a specific service, always check with your insurance plan before having the service performed. 

Beaumont will bill your health plan for services that are covered using the information you have provided to us. Bills will reflect charges for Beaumont professional services, hospital services and supplies. If you do not have medical insurance or if your coverage does not cover all of the costs of your care, Benefit Advisors are available to help you sort through your payment options, create a flexible payment plan, and if you qualify, connect you with financial assistance programs. If you would like to speak with a Benefit Advisor, please call the Billing department or ask your nurse or social worker to connect you.