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Youth Sports Health and Safety Tips

Stay Healthy. Stay in the Game.


Hockey players: Keep your head up to prevent neck injuries

Serious injuries can occur playing hockey, but most are preventable with proper education.

Taking care of a broken bone

Help your child's broken bone heal quickly and get them back to running, playing and having fun.

5 myths about sports drinks

More than $1.5 billion worth of sports drinks are sold in the U.S. each year. Are they worth the money?

Injury prevention tips for high school athletes

These quick tips will help you avoid an injury that may cut your playing season short.

Why every athlete should have a baseline concussion test

Baseline concussion testing is a pre-season exam that assesses an athlete’s balance and brain function.



Beaumont Health Announces Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League Sponsorship

Beaumont Health is doing its part to keep hockey players out of emergency rooms and on their skates at local rinks throughout Hockeytown. 

As the presenting sponsor for the Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League, Beaumont Health will provide access to health care education and screening services for the 7,200 hockey families who are part of the league. The goal, said James Bicos, M.D., a Beaumont Health orthopedic specialist, is to keep the young athletes healthy and reduce serious injuries for those who play the very physical sport.


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