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Proper Positioning For Breastfeeding

Proper positioning for breastfeeding is important to help your baby to eat and transfer milk and swallow and to prevent or minimize nipple soreness for you.

Follow these guidelines to achieve proper positioning for breastfeeding:

  • Sit in a comfortable seat.
  • Use a nursing pillow or bed pillows to support the weight of your baby.
  • Use a footstool during nursing if helpful.
  • Always bring your baby to your breast; do not lean your breast into your baby.
  • Place your baby in a relaxed and flexed position with his or her head slightly extended.
  • Make sure your baby’s head and body are at the breast level.
  • Check your baby’s positioning: if your baby is correctly aligned, you should be able to draw an imaginary line from the ear to the shoulder to your baby’s hip.
  • Offer breast support with the c-hold, which is thumb on top and fingers and underneath the breast.
  • Rotate your baby’s nursing positions to put your baby’s mouth on a different part of your breast. Try using the cross cradlecradleside lying and football hold.