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Proton therapy for lung and thoracic tumors

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Proton therapy, with the pencil beam scanning technique, delivers a single, narrow beam to the tumor site. Intensity modulated proton therapy allows for the physician to precisely target the tumor and deliver powerful radiation doses with optimal accuracy, meaning minimal damage to healthy tissue and critical structures, such as the heart.

Tumors treated include:

  • esophageal carcinoma
  • lymphoma
  • non-small cell lung carcinoma
  • thymoma

The Beaumont Proton Therapy Center is armed with one of the most innovative and comprehensive image-guidance systems for proton beam therapy on the market today. With pencil beam scanning and intensity modulated proton therapy, physicians scan the tumor using the proton beam spot-by-spot and layer-by-layer, which results in less damage to healthy tissue and decreased association with toxicities that can lead to secondary malignancies.