Proton therapy for head and neck tumors

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Proton therapy allows for effective treatment of head and neck tumors while minimizing the radiation dose to vital structures such as the brain, eyes and mouth. The proton beam deposits its energy precisely across the tumor, so the cancer receives more radiation while sensitive structures receive less, reducing the risk of damage to healthy tissue.

Tumors treated include:

  • nasopharyngeal carcinoma
  • paranasal sinus
  • adenoid cystic carcinomas
  • major salivary glands
    • paratoid
    • submandibular
    • sublingual

The Beaumont Proton Therapy Center is armed with one of the most innovative and comprehensive image-guidance systems for proton beam therapy on the market today. With pencil beam scanning and intensity modulated proton therapy, physicians scan the tumor using the proton beam spot-by-spot and layer-by-layer, which results in less damage to healthy tissue and decreased association with toxicities that can lead to secondary malignancies.