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Lymphedema Services


What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is swelling or fluid accumulation in one of more areas of the body, which can include limbs, trunk, genitals, neck and face. It is the breakdown of the body's ability to remove and filter intercellular fluids. This condition affects both women and men. It may be a side effect of cancer treatment, trauma or hereditary factors.

Conditions are caused by:

  • genetics (hypoplasia, hyperplasia and aplasia
  • trauma
  • surgery, especially those involving lymph node dissection
  • radiation treatment
  • obesity
  • venous insufficiency 

What does treatment consist of?

  • specialized gentle manual therapy to reroute and remove fluid
  • exercise program
  • compression bandages
  • wound and skin care
  • activity of daily living adaptations (if needed)
  • instruction on self management

Can Lymphedema be cured?

No. However, it can be significantly reduced and controlled with therapy and self-management. Early intervention is the most effective.

What to know about Beaumont's Lyphedema program

Our staff:

  • consists of occupational and physical therapists certified in completed decongestive therapy standard of care for lyphedema treatment
  • includes therapists who are trained to develop treatment programs to meet each patient's needs
  • focused on continuing education, latest treatment techniques and support for therapists in the program

On the day of appointment 

  • be prepared for the session to last from 45 minutes to two hours
  • bring a partner or friend with you
  • wear loose clothing

Is this a covered benefit?

Most insurance companies will cover the cost of therapy, but you will need to confirm this with your insurance. 

Will there be a cost to me?

You will be responsible for the cost of treatment supplies if they are not covered by your insurance.