Breast Cancer Treatment

Beaumont is a national leader in treating breast cancer. Our advanced treatment options for breast cancer include:

Surgical approaches:

  • breast conserving therapy
  • surgery
    • After surgery
      • post-mastectomy prosthesis
      • breast reconstruction
      • lymphedema

Radiation treatment for breast cancer:

  • radiation therapy for breast cancer
  • radiation after mastectomy
  • brachytherapy

Other treatments for breast cancer, such as:

  • chemotherapy
  • Tamoxifin
  • Taxol
  • Visica2 Cryoablation
    • a minimally invasive procedure, for the treatment of benign breast lumps (fibroadenomas). A small probe is used to freeze the tumor, causing cell damage and break down, thereby destroying the fibroadenoma and preventing future growth

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