What happens during a sleep evaluation?

You will spend one night sleeping in a private room with a comfortable bed, TV, nightlight, your own bathroom and shower facilities. Some people may need to stay two non-consecutive nights, but typically, you will arrive in the evening and leave the following morning; it is usually not necessary to miss a day of work or school.

A sleep study at Beaumont Sleep Evaluation Services is a comprehensive, safe and painless procedure that measures brain activity, eye movement, heart rate, pulse, blood oxygen levels, snoring, breathing and airflow, and body movements while you sleep. Highly skilled and trained specialists monitor your data throughout the night. The data is then reviewed by a physician and the results are provided to you and your physician in a timely manner.

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Frequently asked questions

Will the sensor devices hurt?

No. Sometimes, in rubbing the skin or putting on the electrodes, there are mild and/or temporary skin irritations. You may also feel a sensation of warmth where the oxygen-measuring device contacts the skin of your finger. However, these do not generally cause any significant discomfort.

How can I sleep with all these things on me?

Surprisingly, most people sleep reasonably well. We are only looking to obtain a sample of your sleep. The body sensors are applied so that you can turn and move during sleep. None of the electrodes break the skin. The entire procedure is painless.

Why record all these things?

During sleep, the body functions are different than while awake. Disrupted sleep can disturb daytime activities and sometimes medical problems during sleep involve a risk to basic health.

Will I be given a drug in the sleep lab to help me sleep?

IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT STOP ANY OF YOUR MEDICATIONS WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING YOUR PERSONAL PHYSICIAN. Your doctor may instruct you to stop taking certain medications before coming for the test. It is also important not to consume any alcohol or caffeinated beverages on the day of the testing.

Checklist of items to bring to the sleep lab:

  • wear loose comfortable bed time clothing, such as 2 piece pajamas, or shorts
  • a robe
  • slippers
  • completed questionnaire/sleep diary
  • bring all your medication to the lab, we do not dispense medications
    • technologists do not have sleeping aids available
  • your ID

We also suggest you bring the following:

  • tooth brush and paste, shampoo, shower soap
  • favorite pillow
  • book to read
  • CPAP machine and mask if currently using therapy

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