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An overnight sleep study is the safest and most reliable method for diagnosing sleep-related medical conditions. A sleep study can also provide results that reassure you and your family that your sleep patterns are normal. We offer high-tech monitoring in a private and well-appointed homelike setting, and we will try to make your testing and evaluation as easy and comfortable as closing your eyes and falling asleep. All of our sleep centers are AASM accredited.

A physician prescription is required to perform a sleep study. Some patients will need to be evaluated by our sleep medicine specialists prior to testing. Patients are referred by primary care adult and pediatric physicians, as well as cardiologists, neurologists, pulmonary medicine physicians, endocrinologists, weight control physicians, otolaryngologists (ENTs), child development specialists, sleep physicians.

Beaumont's Sleep Evaluation Services also serves as a referral source to:

  • dentists and orthodontists for oral appliance to reduce snoring for non-surgical candidate
  • otolaryngologists, oral and cranial-facial surgeons for surgical treatment
  • behavior medicine specialists for sleep hygiene therapy
  • psychiatry

Risk assessments and treatments for sleep disorders are conducted by physicians who are board-certified in sleep medicine and registered sleep technologists who are specially trained in sleep-related techniques. Specialty consultants with certifications in pulmonary disease, neurology and weight management are also available to assist in your diagnosis and treatment.

We offer these comprehensive tests as well as an extensive array of testing and treatment capabilities for children of all ages - from infant to adolescent: