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Hip Pain

For some people, hip pain goes away on its own. For others, medication or physical therapy may provide relief. If the treatments you’ve tried so far haven’t worked, don’t get discouraged. Beaumont’s experts will help you decide the next steps to relieve your pain and increase your mobility.

What conditions can cause hip pain?

Hip pain can be caused by injuries or chronic conditions, though sometimes the cause of hip pain can’t be found. Hip problems can affect anyone at any age. The causes of hip pain range from injury to mechanical problems to arthritis and other chronic conditions. Learn more about Common Chronic Hip Conditions.

Finding the right solution for you

Hip Pain Health Risk Assessment

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Joint Pain 101

Get hip pain answers now from Beaumont experts. Joint Pain 101 programs help you learn about surgical and non-surgical options to relieve pain.

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Is it time to see an orthopedic surgeon about your hip pain?

Our orthopedic hip surgeons care for patients with a full range of disabling hip joint disorders.

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Physical therapy's role in addressing hip pain

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When to use ice and when to use heat for aches and pains

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