Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Cardiac Fitness Program

The Beaumont Cardiac Fitness Program is a medically supervised, exercise-based program for individuals who have:

  • chronic medical conditions
  • been told by a physician that they have a chronic disease risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor dietary habits, overweight/obesity and smoking

The program is available regardless of whether you have been diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease, complements existing medical management, and promotes overall health, wellness, fitness and safe exercise practices.

The Cardiac Fitness Program team includes highly trained cardiac nurse clinicians and exercise physiologists who will work with your physician to secure a referral, obtain relevant medical history, and provide an orientation to our program 

Program Features

  • comfortable and friendly gym atmosphere
  • clinically educated and trained staff

  • aerobic and resistance training opportunities

  • yoga classes

  • strength and balance training

  • monthly lecture series and other educational opportunities

  • nutrition classes

  • cardiac support group


First time participants:

One-time enrollment fee of $140, which includes:

  • Orientation with fitness testing and education on nutrition, exercise, risk factor modification, and goal setting.
  • First month of gym access, with initial exercise sessions monitored by telemetry/”EKG” (total number of telemetry monitored sessions is dependent on medical history).

Maintenance (returning) participants:

$5.50 per session