The Pacemaker and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Clinic provides comprehensive inpatient/outpatient surveillance and patient education. Services include inpatient and outpatient device system evaluations. Patients receive Pacemaker/ICD analysis and programming, ICD Interrogation and programming.  

The Pacemaker Clinic receives device implant information on all devices implanted at Beaumont Hospital. Private physician offices and company representative databases provide additional information. Each patient receives appointments based on a standard protocol or more frequently as directed by the physician. The Pacemaker/ICD Clinic is staffed by Pacemaker/ICD Technicians and nurses who specialize in Pacemaker/ICD management. The Pacemaker/ICD Clinic holds quarterly ICD Support group meetings for its patients and family members.

Pacemaker and ICD Services

The Pacemaker/ICD Clinic performs the following services for patients who have had either a Pacemaker, ICD or Loop Recorder implanted:

  • pacemaker threshold and sensing testing
  • automatic cardioverter defibrillator checks (ICD)
  • implantable loop recorder interrogations
  • remote device management utilizing the Carelink and Latitude Systems


Admission to the Pacemaker/ICD Clinic is through referral from your private physician office and post implantation of your device while at Beaumont Hospitals. Pacemaker/ICD Clinics are available on both our Royal Oak and Troy campuses.