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Genetic counseling is the process of helping people understand and adapt to the medical, psychological and familial implications of genetic contributions to disease. 

This process integrates:

  • Collection and interpretation of family and medical histories to assess the chance of disease occurrence or recurrence
  • Education about inheritance, testing, management, prevention, resources and research
  • Counseling to promote informed choices and adaptation to the risk or condition 

Learn more about Beaumont's genetic counseling programs. 

Cancer Genetics

Beaumont's Cancer Genetics program provides the latest information on hereditary cancer risk as well as guidelines for personalized early detection and prevention options.

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Reproductive Genetics

Beaumont’s Reproductive Genetic Counselors assist expecting women in understanding and pursuing the most informative prenatal screening and diagnostic tests for their unborn baby.

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Pediatric Genetics

Pediatric genetics provides an evaluation for children and adults that have or may have a genetic condition. They focus on providing up-to-date information on the management, recurrence risks, and familial implications of genetic disease.

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General Adult Genetics

With the growing role genetics is playing in health concerns, Beaumont’s Adult Genetic Counseling program is available to assist individuals in understanding their personal or family’s genetic test results and the health implications for all family members.

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Cardiology Genetic Counseling Services

Cardiology genetic counseling can provide helpful information for your own health or your family members as inherited heart conditions can affect individuals at any age. Some people may not have symptoms and may not know they have the condition until someone else in the family is diagnosed.

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Pediatric Neurogenetic Testing Clinic

The Pediatric Neurogenetic Testing Clinic provides an evaluation for children and young adults that have a neurological disorder with a suspected genetic component. The clinic focuses on providing information about the growing role of genetics regarding neurological conditions, in hopes of improving medical management, recurrence risks, and chance for collaboration.

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