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After completing your advance directive let your family and close friends know you have completed this document. Let them know who your patient advocate(s) are and what your health care wishes are. Let them know these are your decisions and not merely your requests.

Give copies of your completed advance directive to the people you listed on the information page of your advance directive (page one of your advance directive).

Take a copy of your advance directive with you whenever you are admitted to a hospital or skilled nursing facility (nursing home or rehabilitation center). Ask that your advance directive be entered into your medical records.

Keep a copy of your advance directive where it can be easily found.

Your advance directive can be updated anytime by completing and dating a new one. You can update or change this document yourself or contact Respecting Choices at Beaumont to assist you. If changed, the advance directive must be witnessed and signed again, then give new copies to everyone who has an old copy.

You can always change your mind about the care you want and about who your patient advocate is. Let your healthcare team know if you want to change your advance directive.

You can also contact Respecting Choices at Beaumont.