Respecting Choices at Beaumont - Volunteer Opportunities

Clerical Support – A clerical support volunteer is responsible for creating packets, printing materials, and inspecting the completed advanced directive for accurate completion. The volunteer works alongside the advanced care planning coordinator to support the facilitators working in the field.

Telephonic Facilitator – The telephonic volunteer will communicate with individuals in the community over the phone regarding advanced care planning and advanced directive forms. This facilitator will be able to speak with people who are unable to meet face-to-face.

Community Support – A community volunteer will assist with leading community events to educate attendees on the importance of advanced care planning and advanced directive forms. The volunteer works to build relationships within the community to begin the discussion about people’s choices regarding their future health care options.



Hospital Facilitator – A hospital volunteer will be responsible for meeting with patients at the bedside to inform, connect, and complete their advanced directive.

Telephonic Initiator – The role of an initiator will be pivotal in connecting patients and members in the community to one of our trained Respecting Choices facilitators. You will be one of the first contacts for people seeking a conversation, working to build the foundation for the successful completion of their advanced directive.