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Torticollis is a tightness of the neck flexor and rotator muscle known as the Sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM) that typically causes the head to tilt in one direction and rotate in the opposite direction.

Service Overview

Torticollis treatment is centered on strengthening, stretching, gross motor skills, therapeutic taping, tot collar intervention, home exercise program and joint glides by licensed professionals. On the first Physical Therapy session, the therapist educates parents on Torticollis and instructs the parents or caregivers in a home program, which is a very important step in the treatment of Torticollis. We also consult with an Orthotist on head shape concerns. Often, children come to us with a diagnosis of plagiocephaly (flattening of the head/skull) in addition to or instead of Torticollis. The Orthotist assists the Physical Therapist with the management of this diagnosis through the use of molded helmets.

When is Torticollis Treated?

This is a diagnosis often seen in newborns and infants, and is optimally treated as soon as possible. Additionally, we treat older children (2 and up) with either a recent, acute or long-term diagnosis of Torticollis including some who are post-surgical correction.

Skills of Therapists

The physical therapy staff consists of 16 staff members who specialize in the treatment of Torticollis and have between 2-17 years of pediatric experience.


  • normalize biomechanical joint function
  • restore precise joint and muscular movement patterns
  • optimize postural alignment and developmental sequencing