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Leukemia Safe Care

Leukemias are classified as acute or chronic based on the rate that cells grow. The most common forms of leukemia are acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Two less common forms of leukemia are Philadelphia chromosome-positive ALL and biphenotypic which has mixed features of ALL and AML. Beaumont specialists treat both common and rare forms of leukemia.

ALL and AML are cancers of the bone marrow where blood is made and occur as a result of abnormal growth of immature white blood cells. This abnormal growth overwhelms and suffocates the production of the normal blood cells that function together to keep our bodies healthy. Normal blood cells consist of white blood cells that fight off infections, red blood cells that provide oxygen and energy to the body and platelets that help stop bleeding.

Signs and symptoms of leukemia include:

  • Prolonged and/or unexplained fever or infection.
  • Easy bruising, bleeding or petechiae (very small and flat purplish red spots under the skin).
  • Fatigue, general weakness or pale color.
  • Bone or joint pain.
  • Persistently enlarged and generally non-painful lymph nodes in the neck, groin or underarms.
  • Decreased appetite with significant weight loss. 

Most children with leukemia will experience several of these symptoms. 

Treatment options will differ from one patient to the next. Your child’s therapy plan may include a combination of treatment types, such as chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Your provider will discuss a plan of care with you and our multidisciplinary team will provide support in following the recommended plan.

Learning of a cancer diagnosis is scary, but we are here to partner with you during the journey. Our highly-skilled specialists offer advanced approaches to treatment while never losing sight of the care your loved one needs and deserves. Our tumor board meets regularly to discuss each patient’s diagnosis, treatment plan and available clinical trials, ensuring each patient can start treatment as soon as possible. 

Our team includes pediatric oncologists, oncology-certified nurses, a nurse practitioner who specializes in oncology, a licensed social worker, certified child life specialists and a hospital teacher/educational liaison. We work collaboratively to help with understanding your treatment plan, connect you to resources, communicate effectively and assist with return to school or work. We also have a long-term follow-up clinic where patients are monitored for any late effects of childhood cancer treatment. Your care is our top priority.

To schedule an appointment, call our friendly office staff at: 248-551-0360 and press option #3.