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cranial roboticsBeaumont neurosurgeons combine surgical planning, navigation, and robotic guidance for cranial procedures that utilizes state of the art technology allowing patients to avoid an invasive craniotomy. These minimally invasive procedures result in better patient outcomes, significantly lower complication rates and a reduced length of time spent in the hospital. Our cranial robotics program supports the following neurosurgical procedures:


The ROSA® robotic system combines surgical planning, navigation, and robotic guidance for cranial procedures, without compromising established surgical protocols.  Comparable to a “GPS” for the brain, the ROSA robotic system can be used for cranial procedures requiring surgical planning with preoperative data, patient registration, and precise positiononing and handling of surgical instruments.

The ROSA system is used to support many neurosurgical procedures, including stereoelectroencephalography (sEEG), thermal ablation of sezure foci or tumors, deep brain stimulation (DBS) and surgical treatment of movement disorders.



Visualase MRI-guided laser ablation is a minimally invasive procedure for seizures, certain types of brain tumors, and/or tremors. This innovative surgical technology provides a framework for multiple surgeons to collaborate during the planning process and robotic image-guidance during the procedure.