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The Monkeypox: What We Now Know

Friday, June 3, 2022

Beaumont HouseCall Podcast

Episode 71

Beaumont HouseCall Podcast: The Omicron Variant

Episode Overview

With over 500 cases and dozens of additional suspected cases, it’s likely you’ve heard of the multi-country outbreak of monkeypox that's currently occurring. The emergence of this unusual viral illness in countries where it normally doesn't exist has certainly been caused for heightened concern.


Infectious diseases experts, Drs. Gilpin and Sims discuss the unusual epidemiological characteristics of this outbreak and the latest on the current monkeypox outbreak.

 It's good to have situational awareness during an outbreak, as with any contagious disease. The best way to avoid getting sick is to avoid contact with people or animals who are infected. If contact does occur, be sure to practice good hand hygiene afterwards. Knowing the ways that monkeypox can spread and the signs and symptoms of the disease can help us identify and isolate existing cases more quickly, and that will help us limit the spread of new cases. 

– Dr. Nick Gilpin



What is monkeypox?



How does monkeypox spread?



How is monkeypox prevented and treated?


Dr. Nick Gilpin

Nick Gilpin, D.O.


Dr. Gilpin is a board-certified infectious disease and internal medicine physician. He's been practicing infectious diseases for 10 years and has appeared in many publications and lectures on a variety of topics within the specialty.


Matthew Sims, M.D.


Dr. Sims is an infectious disease physician and the Director of Infectious Disease Research at Beaumont. He is a HouseCall podcast veteran, this time discussing the current monkeypox outbreak. 

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