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Friday, December 3, 2021

Beaumont HouseCall Podcast

Episode 67

Beaumont HouseCall Podcast: The Omicron Variant

Episode Overview

The Omicron variant has become the main topic of conversation surrounding COVID-19. Drs. Gilpin and Shajahan share what we now know, what we think we know and what we have yet to know regarding symptoms, transmission and more!

 If you aren't vaccinated, please get vaccinated. If you aren't boosted and it's been more than six months since your last shot, get boosted. Vaccines are the way to prevent infection and get us through this holiday season safely. 

– Dr. Asha Shajahan



What do we know about the omicron variant?



Should we get the booster shot now or wait?



Is traveling and seeing family over the holidays safe?


Dr. Nick Gilpin

Nick Gilpin, D.O.


Dr. Gilpin is a board-certified infectious disease and internal medicine physician. He's been practicing infectious diseases for 10 years and has appeared in many publications and lectures on a variety of topics within the specialty.

Dr. Asha Shajahan

Asha Shajahan, M.D.


Dr. Shajahan is a board-certified family physician and medical director of Community Health for Beaumont, Grosse Pointe. She aims to improve community health by educating physicians on social detriments and cultural humility.

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