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Children & the COVID-19 Vaccines

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Beaumont HouseCall Podcast

Episode 60

Beaumont HouseCall Podcast: Children & the COVID-19 Vaccine episode

Episode Overview

The first COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for 12 to 15 year olds and understandably parents have questions - How safe are the vaccines? Are the vaccines necessary? Dr. Bishara Freij, Beaumont Children's Chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, joins the podcast to answer these questions and more.

 Everyone has had a tough time with this pandemic, especially our kids. By getting vaccinated, our kids have a chance to return to the actives they so missed and loved. 

– Dr. Asha Shajahan



COVID vaccine’s safety for children aged 12-15



Common side effects a child may experience after receiving the vaccine



Different phases for when the vaccine becomes available to certain age groups



Long-term side effects of the vaccine vs. post-infection



Further benefits of receiving the vaccine


Dr. Asha Shajahan

Asha Shajahan, M.D.


Dr. Shajahan is a board-certified family physician and medical director of Community Health for Beaumont, Grosse Pointe. She aims to improve community health by educating physicians on social detriments and cultural humility.

Dr. Bishara Freij

Bishara Freij, M.D.

Special Guest

Dr. Bishara Freij is a pediatric infectious diseases specialist at Beaumont Children’s in Royal Oak, Michigan. He’s been in practice more than 40 years and went to medical school at American University of Beirut – Lebanon. Dr. Freij is board certified in pediatric infectious diseases and pediatrics.

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