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Sports Therapy

To ensure the athlete's safe and speedy return to their sport by integrating orthopedic manual therapy along with functional core and extremity exercise programs and sports-specific training.

Our team provides each athlete with a biomechanical examination to determine the movement impairment(s) causing injury or performance deficits. The musculoskeletal examination assesses the athlete's posture and body mechanics (at rest and during movement), gait and foot analysis, joint and soft-tissue mobility/range of motion, functional strength, muscle length, balance, coordination and agility. A customized, functionally progressive sports therapy program is tailor-made to meet the needs and tolerance of each injured athlete. We gear each treatment plan to the specific demands placed on the athlete when returning to their previous level of sports participation. The ultimate goal is to obtain the athlete's full recovery and confidence in returning to play.

Specialized Programs

  • athletic trainer services in several local high schools
  • aquatic therapy
  • golf conditioning program
  • pilates
  • performing artists' program

The Beaumont sports therapy team consists of experienced, licensed or registered therapists who combine their proficiency in orthopedic manual therapy, biomechanics and therapeutic exercise prescription to address athletic orthopedic injuries/dysfunction. In addition, we have Certified Athletic Trainers on staff who provide their services at several local high schools and within our clinical settings. We collaborate with our Beaumont sports medicine physicians to provide the most comprehensive health care possible for athletes.

Conditions Treated

Our team treats all levels of athletic orthopedic injuries or dysfunctional, Including:

  • acute sports trauma of the spine, upper and lower extremities
  • overuse sports injuries/tendonitis
  • ACL injury/reconstruction
  • meniscal tears/repairs
  • rotator cuff/Labral tears and repairs
  • spine, shoulder, knee or ankle instability
  • ligament sprains
  • muscle strains
  • neck or back pain c
  • custom static and dynamic splinting for upper-extremity trauma management repetitive cumulative trauma


  • improve speed/agility, reaction time, dynamic flexibility and postural/core strength
  • refine sports technique for efficient and optimal movement
  • instructions in prevention strategies
  • enhance self-confidence with return to sports participation