The Skull Base Clinic at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak treats patients who require a multidisciplinary approach and specializes in a wide array of diagnoses ranging from pituitary and skull base tumors to sinonasal malignancies.

Patients referred to the Skull Base Clinic are connected with a nurse navigator to assist with appointment scheduling, obtaining medical records and ordering additional tests. The nurse navigator is the point of contact for the patient and referring physicians throughout the initial stage of care in the clinic. Once specialized care is established, the clinic’s office staff continues to work with the nurse navigator as needed.

The Clinic provides patients and referring physicians with:

  • efficient navigation between providers

  • streamlined care

  • a single point of contact for questions or concerns

  • assistance in obtaining diagnostics and medical records

  • a highly-specialized, multidisciplinary team of surgeons and physicians

The Skull Base Clinic treats patients with: 

  • pituitary tumors

  • skull base meningioma

  • acoustic schwannomas

  • clival chordomas

  • cholesterol granuloma

  • encephaloceles

  • esthesioneuroblastoma

  • hemangiopericytoma

  • sinonasal malignancies 

The Skull Base Clinic’s multidisciplinary team includes members from: 

  • ENT rhinology and endoscopy
  • ENT neurotology
  • neurosurgery – skull base and endoscopy
  • radiation oncology proton therapy
  • neurology
  • ophthalmology
  • oncology