Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Octreotide Scan

An octreotide scan is used to evaluate the neuroendocrine system and involves three to four visits to the nuclear medicine department.


On your first visit, the nuclear medicine technologist will review your health information and then inject a small amount of radioactive tracer into a vein in your arm. You will be asked to return to the department in approximately four hours. When you return, painless images will be taken for about one hour. Twenty-four hours later, you will be asked to return for a second set of images, which will also take about one hour. After a nuclear medicine doctor reviews both sets of images, you may be asked to return again the next day for another set of images. If this happens, do not be alarmed. This is a normal part of the scan.


  • You may eat and drink as normal, although it is recommended that you drink extra fluid the afternoon and evening before your appointment.
  • Your doctor may ask you to stop taking certain medications prior to the scan. You may continue taking the medications that have not been stopped by your physician.
  • Remember to bring your doctor's written order for the scan on your first visit.
  • Please bring a list of medications you are currently taking including the ones your doctor stopped and the dates you stopped taking them.
  • Remember to bring the written order (prescription), for this test, given to you by your doctor.


Patients of childbearing age should review the pregnancy and breastfeeding guidelines.