Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Medical Oncology

Medical oncology involves the detection and treatment of tumors. And the medical oncologists at Beaumont Hospitals are some of the most highly skilled in the nation, and they also have access to some of the most advanced technology and treatment options.

Oncologists at Beaumont are dedicated to evolving the science of cancer care. These specialists work with the rest of the Oncology team to go beyond the standard of care as they compassionately assist you in your battle with cancer, using treatment options such as chemotherapy and biological therapy.

Beaumont's Medical Oncology team includes:

  • board-certified medical and hematological oncologists
  • outpatient infusion centers
  • outpatient clinics offering treatment and consultation services
  • graduate medical education fellowship program
  • community outreach programs for cancer prevention and support

Our department also participates with the Cancer Clinical Trails Office with more than 100 active research protocols. Current research protocols study investigational treatments, medications and therapeutic techniques.

Beaumont's medical oncologists are also active in southeastern Michigan communities. They emphasize patient and community education, while offering support and outreach programs to our area. Our team also sponsors cancer awareness programs for local schools, community groups and Beaumont employees.