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Liver Surgery

Liver Surgery

Minimally invasive liver surgery, liver disease treatments 

Beaumont liver surgery specialists are among the most experienced in the world in providing minimally invasive liver surgery, pioneering such techniques that other major centers are just now beginning to perform.

Our surgical liver disease treatments include:

Minimally Invasive Liver Resection

Used for the removal of benign and malignant liver tumors as well as in live donor liver harvesting, the procedure involves a series of four small incisions. Surgical tools, including a small camera that allows the doctor to see inside the abdomen, are inserted into the incisions. The liver surgeons use the tools to carefully divide the diseased portion of the liver and remove the affected section with minimal blood loss. Not everyone is a candidate for liver surgery. Your surgeon will discuss the appropriate and safe options for your condition.

Autologous Liver Transplant

Certain tumors are difficult to reach or impossible to resect without the removal of the entire organ. However, the organ may still be functional. In this incidence, Beaumont liver surgery specialists can remove the liver from the affected individual, remove the tumor from the liver and transplant the disease-free organ back into the individual. The liver then regenerates the portion that was removed.

Radiofrequency Ablation, or RFA

 This liver surgery is used to apply heat directly to a tumor to burn it away while preserving as much liver as is possible. To do so, a liver disease specialist uses ultrasound to accurately place a probe into the tumor during a minimally invasive liver surgery, by inserting a probe through the skin or during an open procedure. After the heat is applied, the probe is removed. With this procedure, patients are usually discharged the next day.

Royal Oak Liver Center

A team of liver disease specialists – hepatologists, gastroenterologists, surgeons and nurse navigators – collaborate to create and implement an individualized treatment plan for your condition, providing a streamlined patient experience and expert care that often begins in the first appointment.