Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Hand Therapy & Splinting for Children

Highly trained Beaumont Children's occupational therapists are trained to offer children advanced pediatric hand therapy. Through individualized care plans using the most advanced techniques available, our occupational therapists assist these children in gaining functional skills for play, school tasks and other daily activities.

Our treatment combines comprehensive knowledge of the upper extremities with specialized skills in assessment and treatment to restore function, prevent dysfunction, or reverse the advancement of a disease or injury in the hands, arms and shoulders. Hand therapy is also provided following surgeries.

What does a pediatric hand therapy treatment plan entail?

Our individualized hand therapy treatment plans often include:

  • improving range of motion (movement), dexterity and strength
  • reduction in swelling
  • pain management
  • customized splint fabrication
  • scar management
  • sensory evaluation and re-education
  • assistive devices or activity modification to improve function and independence

Customized Splints

Customized splints are fabricated by Occupational Therapists and can be utilized to

  • Decrease muscle tone (for children with Cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain injury, neurological injury)
  • Maintain functional position
  • Increase range of motion (movement)
  • Increase stability of affected joints
  • Post-surgical needs or positioning
  • Congenital deformities

What pediatric conditions can be treated by hand therapy?

Hand therapy can be beneficial to children who:

  • have been injured by an accident or trauma resulting in burns, scars, fractures, tendon and nerve damage, soft tissue dysfunction, and amputation of arm, hands or fingers
  • experience pain that interferes with daily function, such as play schoolwork
  • experienced trauma at birth resulting in brachial plexus or nerve injuries are provided with therapy
  • were born with congenital anomalies and have had reconstructive surgery to correct the deformity will be provided with therapy