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Treatment of Concussion

For most people, symptoms go away on their own and a specific concussion treatment plan is not necessary. Although there is no general plan for the treatment of concussion, people suffering are usually prescribed rest and very limited physical activity. Doctors recommend a gradual return to normal activity at a pace that does not cause concussion symptoms to worsen.

Your doctor may also recommend that you return for further medical care and evaluation 24 to 72 hours after your concussion event to monitor whether or not your symptoms are resolving.

It is important to understand that the treatment of concussions takes time and rest. Anywhere from a few minutes to a few days after a concussion, the brain can be vulnerable to change in pressure, blood flow and oxygen levels. Following your doctor's concussion treatment regimen is important in an attempt to limit these changes. 

You should return to see your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms after a concussion:

  • unconsciousness
  • altered mental status
  • convulsions or seizing
  • severe, persistent headache
  • weakness in arms or legs
  • vomiting
  • new bleeding
  • deafness in one or both ears