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Bunion Removal

Bunion removal is the removal of a swelling or thickening on the big toe joint called a bunion. The doctor may also straighten the toe if necessary. Many types of procedures are available for this problem. Your doctor will determine the type of surgical procedure best suited for your deformity based on a variety of information which may include X-rays and gait examination.

After the Surgery

A soft compression dressing is applied on the incision made by layers of gauze and an Ace wrap as a securing layer. Sometimes, a pin will be sticking out at the tip of the toe to keep the toe straight during healing time. The toe may be painful for a few months and can be managed with medications prescribed by your doctor. Non-weight bearing when walking should be maintained for a few days and also limit your walking. As much as possible, rest and keep your foot elevated. Your doctor will probably ask you to wear a fracture shoe, brace or cast to help support the toe and foot. Crutches or canes may be used for support.

Changes in Your Life

The swelling on the side of your big toe will be gone. Your toe would not hurt, your shoes will fit much better and walking will be more comfortable.