Diagnosing Breast Cancer

The news of an abnormal mammogram or breast cancer diagnosis is both stressful and challenging. At Beaumont, an expedited diagnosis program quickly provides answers and coordinates care for benign and malignant breast diseases. One call sets coordinated care in motion, from evaluation, diagnosis and treatment to follow-up.

Comprehensive breast care components, which may require three or more appointments elsewhere, are usually accomplished in one visit to Beaumont, typically within days of the initial call. Beaumont's facilities feature the most advanced diagnostic imaging (mammography) techniques and radiology procedures. Coordinating with the Multidisciplinary Breast Oncology Clinics, breast radiologists quickly diagnose patients using digital mammography, CT, MRI and PET scan imaging. A study of 840 patients at Beaumont proved that digital mammography provided better sensitivity and diagnosis for pre- or peri-menopausal women younger than age 50. Such groundbreaking work explains why Beaumont is one of the busiest hospitals in Michigan for diagnostic radiology.

Beaumont 1st in SE Michigan to Offer Molecular Imaging to Detect Breast Cancer

Beaumont Hospital, Troy is the first hospital in Southeast Michigan to use a new breast cancer imaging tool to help physicians diagnose early-stage breast cancer. The new technology, called Breast-Specific Gamma Imaging, also known as Molecular Breast Imaging, or BSGI/MBI, may be used with selected patients as a secondary procedure to mammography , ultrasound and MRI.

For an expedited and comprehensive evaluation, call Beaumont's Comprehensive Breast Care Center today: 888-924-9460.

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