Brain Biopsy

A brain biopsy is a surgical procedure that encompasses the removal of cells or tissue from the brain to examine and potential locate diseased material, like cancer or a tumor. The tissue extracted is usually examined by a pathologist under a microscope and sometimes, chemical analysis is also performed. 

Excisional Brain Biopsy

Excisional brain biopsy involves removing an entire tumor or suspicious area of the brain.

Incisional Brain Biopsy (Core)

Incisional Brain Biopsy only removes a sample of the tissue in the affected area and is often used when the characteristics of the area are unknown. This technique also preserves the cells removed in their original form and architecture.

Needle Aspiration Brain Biopsy

Needle Aspiration Brain Biopsy also removes only a portion of the affected area of the brain, but the tissue is remove through a needle effectively altering the original composition of the tissue.

Stereotactic Brain Biopsy

A stereotactic brain biopsy in the minimally invasive form of biopsy to remove the tissue by using 3-dimensional coordinates to locate small targets inside the brain instead of using open techniques.

The type of biopsy performed depends entirely on the patient's condition and suspected tumor or lesion.

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