Stroke Rehabilitation & Support

Prompt Rehabilitation is the Key to Stroke Care

Research has shown that the earlier stroke rehabilitation begins, the better the outcome for stroke patients. At Beaumont, Royal Oak, rehabilitation for stroke begins promptly, usually within 24 to 36 hours of admission. 

Severely ill patients may be admitted to one of our intensive care units, where neurologic monitoring is available to track the condition of the brain. Once patients are on our neurologic care units and it is medically permissible, the nursing staff begins encouraging appropriate movement, such as walking, as soon as possible. 

After a patient is carefully evaluated for their physical and mental capabilities, stroke rehabilitation usually involves: 

  • physical therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • recreational therapy
  • speech and language therapy
  • physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians

The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to return the patient to as independent a lifestyle as possible. Because of the tremendous advances in stroke treatment and rehabilitation techniques, many patients recover various levels of functional abilities. 

To aid in the rehabilitation for stroke, Beaumont, Royal Oak, offers a day room on the stroke unit. This room mimics a home environment and is stocked with:

  • computers
  • board games
  • TVs
  • recliners
  • a fish tank

With the help of rehabilitation specialists and a patient's home caregivers, patients can eat dinner with their family and have their nails and hair done. 

The room is also used for support groups, stroke education programs and family conferences. 

Throughout the stroke rehabilitation process, Beaumont staff maintains communication with the patient's primary care physician. Discharge planning is handled by care managers experienced in working with the special needs of stroke patients and their families.  

Case managers and social workers work with physicians and the family to determine the next level of care for stroke patients as they progress in recovery.  

Because of the tremendous advances in stroke treatment, many patients can return to an independent lifestyle. However, successful stroke recovery is dependent on many factors, such as the degree of functional recover, and the goals of the patient and family, and the support system available to assist the patient.  

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